Wednesday, March 14, 2012

iPad review

Having the iPads in our APUSH class has been an interesting experience, and honestly, I don't think it has been entirely beneficial. There's nothing I can do on the iPad that I can't do on a computer, but there's lots I can do on a computer and not on the iPad. The iPads do not currently have Adobe flash, which would be helpful to have. Our class has still taken field trips to the computer lab because the iPads do not have flash, and we have had the mobile lab in our room for the past two days.
I use the calculator app in my math class, just so I don't have to take out my actual calculator. My other two classes both use computers, so I don't need to use my iPad at all. Having the iPad has improved my level of understanding in several classes, because I can google my question instead of having to wait to ask the teacher. I am not more organized or engaged in my classes, I might actually be less of both. Having the iPads has only increased my knowledge of apple products. While I enjoy having the iPad in my classes, I feel that my grades have suffered since it's delivery.
I use the iPad at home so that my brother can use the desktop computer. I would still rather use that, but it is nice to have a second option. We have several coloring apps, one of which my niece really enjoys. I think this piece of technology is more helpful at home than in a classroom.
I don't think having the iPads has increased my learning ability, and I don't think they are as useful as everyone originally hoped.

iPads in class

Having the IPads has been really beneficial. I use it in both Latin class, and APUSH. My test scores have gone up because of the flash card app which is probably the app I use the most. It makes studying, note taking, and just class in general more entertaining, faster, and easier.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Bright Beginning.

Upon learning that our APUSH class would have the opportunity to use iPads, I was understandably excited. I had never come in contact with an iPad before, so I knew it would be an interesting experience. After the troubleshooting that comes along with such electronics, it was easy to see how these devices could benefit the classroom. No longer must I waste paper on notes or various homework assignments; I can study, read, and acquire much information straight from the iPad. In fact, I've been completing the majority of my APUSH work on the iPad. Though the most of my iPad usage still occurs within the confines of my APUSH class, I have found opportunities to use the device for various projects and discussions in my other classes. Whether it be creating a presentation, writing a paper or supplementing a literary discussion, the device has proved its worth in my eyes. Many have yet to fully embrace the iPads, but I believe everyone is beginning to recognize the vast possibilities of the device.

The Views of IPads - FMRHS Pilot Program

Since e introduction of IPads into our everyday educational careers, I have found myself in awe of how productive I can be with these devices. Upon first hearing of the pilot program, I was almost skeptical of the efficiency and creativity that such a device could bring us, but I was also blind to the Apple software's capabilities before now. And so when the experiment with the IPads began, I saw that I was very wrong about them Since their initial adoption in our classes, I personally have become adept in the use of the tablet, and can now organize and take notes with efficiency unparalleled by more traditional binder and notebook methods. At the same time, I find myself inspired by the many applications offered, and the technological options that let us create, work on, and develop School projects or presentations like never before. Even if it is a standard PowerPoint presentation, I find it easier to work on and collaborate, especially since I am not limited to a desktop computer area. So far the only disadvantage that I see is that if you have no wireless Internet at home, like myself, then you are unable to utilize all features of the IPad 2, but it is still a wonderful tool without Internet access. And so I am excited to see what other opportunities can be opened up by our Ipads for our educational benefit.


Using the iPads has been interesting. There are definitely useful sides to it, such as the artistic programs (for class projects), the translators and dictionaries (foreign language help), and the kindle/iBook/adobe reader programs. One problem is finding a good website/source of free, useful ebooks/kindle books......I had difficulties when trying to find books for English and history reports, since most sites require payment or a credit card. Spell check on the iPad is immensely annoying as frequently changes my sentences around. I've just been told how to turn t off, though, so hopefully this solves it. That being said, there's definitely a lot of ways an iPad can be a distraction, too, which is less positive. In my opinion though, the iPads are pretty helpful.

My iPad observations

The iPad has been such an adventure for all of us so far, giving us such things as joy in taking notes, easier access to research tools, and even allowing us acces to tools that none of us knew existed including online dictionary, calculators, ect. Each of us has had our own expenses with these devices, and all have experienced the good and the bad. A particularly good thing that I, personally, have gotten from is device, is the access to the online dictionary. In English class, a class in which I would never imagine an iPad would benefit, I find myself use it everyday in our vocabulary portion of class. There are many other times that I use it in my other classes, including taking notes on a whiteboard part of sundry notes in my pre calculus class. I have also noticed a few of the negative effects that th new device has encouraged. A few of the students have become distracted during regular class time, using the iPad as an excuse to go online when it is not necessary, to take pictures at their own leisure, and to listen to online music. Though these activities are tempting in hold of such a machine, they are not necessary for class and should be eliminated. I will not deny, I have found myself slipping off into nowhere land occasionally. There are also a few glitches with the programs installed on them. Sometimes the apps will shut down, or my notes will erase when I close the app. No matter what the effects, this opportunity has been amazing so far and has been increasing my educational expansions and encouraging further technology.

Monday, March 12, 2012

iPads in all classes

Upon first hearing that we were going to have the opportunity to experiment with iPads not only in APUSH, but also in my other classes I was rather excited. In AP it was easier to research something that I was unsure of, or even to take notes. Having the ability to type my notes is not only quicker, but easier. It saves space and allows for easier editing. I often use the iPad to type up my identifications which allows for an easy access to the studying that I need to do for the tests. In my other classes I have had the opportunity to use educreations in order to take whiteboard notes while recording the lesson. As the teacher is speaking and drawing on the smart board, I am able to draw the same figures and record her speaking, which allows for me to be able to review the class at home. This makes it easier to do my homework because I have a step by step process as an example. I have also used the iPad for vocabulary in english as a quick and easy way to find definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. A few problems that I have come across are the fact that every so often the iPad will glitch and close down the programs that I am working with. As inconvenient as this problem is, it is to be expected with any piece of technology. I have lost data that I really needed this way, but I have been able to get some of it back. Overall I feel as though the iPads have helped to expand our knowledge, not only of technology, but of the different resources we have available to us. This is a useful piece of technology that I hope will eventually be available to other students to experience.